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Passport to Paradise
November 1, 2004

Studio: Raging Stallion Studios

Director: Chris Ward

Country: USA

Videographer: David Hempling

Editor: Chris Ward

Duration (mins): 141

Discs: 2 - Paradise Exposed DVD inlcuded - GayVN Winner Best Alternative Release

DVD Region: No Regional Coding

Aspect Ratio: 1.33

Language: English

Extras: Paradise Exposed DVD inlcuded - GayVN Winner Best Alternative Release. JD Slater's Romantic music fo


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Passport to Paradise
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Winner GayVN 2005 Best Ethnic video

Nominated at GayVN 2005 for Best Solo, Best Latin Film, Best Three Way, Best Alternative Release (Paradise Exposed)

Starring Raging Stallion's Man of the Year 2005, Miguel Leonn (Bone Island, Thick as Thieves, Wet Dreams, Stoked), in the greatest performance of his life, Passport features an all-Latin cast (with the exception of the blond all-American Pete Ross, of course!) in a movie that will be forever listed as one of the finest films of 2005. Raging Stallion exclusives Ivan Andros (Agony of Ecstasy, Crossroads of Desire, Dreamers, Isle of Men, Bone Island, The Shaft), Carlos Morales (World of Men, Nexus, Fire in the Hole), Enrico Vega (Stick it In), and Manuel Torres (Stoked), as well as superstud Mario Cruz, and Cadinot superstar Gerald round out the cast.

This action-packed feature is full of plot and story (there are two edits on the DVD--an all sex, as well as the full feature). Let’s skip the plot points and get straight to the sex:

Scene 1: Ivan Andros tops Cadinot superstar Gerald in a two-part scene that features some of the most beautifully filmed cock sucking ever delivered on DVD! After a furious, throat-choking blow job which leaves Ivan's 9 inch cock thick and throbbing, the two men get to the point. Ivan delivers a fuck so stunning that even the video crew had to stop to cool down. This is a fuck like only Raging Stallion can deliver, and Ivan's sweaty, hairy pecs and GQ-gorgeous looks provide a classic image of the ideal top. This scene is one for the record books and will stand the test of time as one of the year's finest erotic moments.

Scene 2: This, according to Chris Ward, is the finest scene he has ever filmed--especially when combined with the third scene. As Ward says, "This is the best erotica I have made." What more can be said?

As the scene unfolds, Carlos Morales is topping Ivan Andros--these two world-class studs have never looked better and the pairing is one made in porn heaven. Carlos, usually a bottom, told us that he is actually just as much a top. When he showed us his 10 inch cock, thick as a beer can, Ivan's eyes bulged, and within minutes his ass was straining to take Carlos all the way to the base. Carlos fucked him silly, in some of the most dramatic positions possible. This scene is so well-filmed that you will rewind it over and over again, enjoying the juicy cum shots each and every time. OK guys--here is the bottom line: this scene is a sure bet for award consideration at next year's porn oscars!

Scene 3: After Carlos and Ivan cum, Miguel Leonn joins the fray for an entire second round of stunning fucking. Believe it or not, this scene actually outdoes the previous one as the THREE world-class superstars demonstrate to everyone that they are the best porn stars on the market today. Without a doubt these guys are pros, and with the Raging Stallion film crew, under the tight direction of Chris Ward, they deliver the goods in a way that is rarely seen in adult film. Add to this the stirring romantic music composed by JD Slater and you have an award-contending scene for best three way of 2005. Don't miss the final moment, when Miguel pulls out of Carlos's cannonball ass. leaving the condom behind as he shoots his hot Latin load across quivering bubble butt....

Scene 4: After this display of erotic energy, Miguel lays down for a quiet solo, the camera carefully documenting his amazing beauty. He is Mr. Raging Stallion and he has never looked better!!!

Scene 5: Miguel corners Pete Ross on a huge stone stairway, starting Raging Stallion's most romantic scene of all time. Lit by a fireplace and pillar candles, Miguel and Pete explore each other's rippled bodies, as if searching for gold in the gleaming light. Miguel's long, uncut cock fills Pete's throat, taking him on a vacation he could only dream of! Filmed like a Hollywood movie, this scene is a stunning example of why our studio is known the world over as the master of light! After the oral comes the hardcore as Miguel leads Pete to a lavish bathroom that should be on the cover of Architectural Digest! The blue tile and red backdrops only serve as an accent to a fucking which will leave you panting, wishing you were there in person! Miguel's huge cock never looked bigger and Pete's ass has never been more eager. After huge ropes of cum shoot out of both cocks, the studs shower in the moonlight, backlit and beautiful, their skin shimmering as the water caresses their spent flesh.......(how is that for melodrama!?!)

Scenes 6 thru 8: The grand finale of Passport is a two-way that becomes a three-way that becomes a four way and finally climaxes as a full-on five-way! Each of these, however, is a full scene. We start with Manuel Torres, a RSS exclusive who has been one of Raging Stallion's best-kept secrets! Raging Stallion is actively expanding its New York model base, and Manuel is one of our east coast Latin heartthrobs. This man has sex appeal! Combine that with Panama-born Mario Cruz and the fireworks can't be stopped! These guys suck and fuck and you know they are proud Latin gay studs--fucking for your enjoyment (and for ours!!!). After many wonderfully-filmed positions, enter Enrico Vega--another New Yorker long associated with Raging Stallion (remember him in Stick it In!). The fucking gets really good as Enrico revs up his engine, but he saves the best for Pete Ross, who now enters the fray, propping his sweet ass up in the air for a Latin gang bang. Cum shots start to fly, but before they all finish, in comes Miguel Leonn for the final pairing of the film--a romantic revisit between himself and Pete Ross. Their orgasms are like a symphony finale, the entire orchestra driving home the final note in Passport to Paradise. A stunning crescendo and a dramatic entry into the library of Gay Adult Erotica.

"This is the finest film of my career--a real accomplishment. These guys were the hottest men I have ever filmed--a real joy and pleasure and honor. This movie is the stuff dreams are made of..."-- Chris Ward, Director of Passport to Paradise.