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Hot Sex
December 2, 2010

Studio: Hard Friction

Director: Bruno Bond Steve Cruz

Country: No Regional Coding

Videographer: Bruno Bond and Steve Cruz

Editor: Bruno Bond and Steve Cruz

Duration (mins): 114

Discs: 1

DVD Region: No Regional Coding Playable Worldwide

Aspect Ratio: 16:9

Language: No Language Coding


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Hot Sex
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Hot Sex
Directed by Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond

Grabbys 2010 Winner Best Box Cover

The Palm Springs desert heat is a sultry setting for ‘Hot Sex’ the latest from directors Steve Cruz, Bruno Bond and Hard  Six gorgeous guys and a camera crew shack up together in a pool house to shoot a porn movie. The guys find they are not only sharing rooms, they are sharing beds! Will they able to resist temptation? Will sex spill out into every room of the house? Will they even wear clothes at all? Shot ‘reality series’ style on location- this is your all access pass into their very over-sexed world of big dicks, sexy guys and sleepless summer nights.  Did we mention we rigged up night vision spy cams? In and out of their Speedos these boys really turn up the heat.

Segment 1- Meet the guys, ‘hot sex’ everywhere.

Scene 1- Donny Wright fucks Juaquin Ramirez - It’s a lazy, sweltering afternoon- bronzed Adonis, Donny Wright and hot pool boy Juaquin Ramirez escape the hundred-degree weather by taking a plunge.  How long before their suits come off and their juicy uncut cocks come out? Juaquin plays with Donny’s perfect cock for a while before they take it indoors. In the cool of the bedroom, they take it all the way. Juaquin sucks Donny then Donny eats Juaquin’s smooth brown butt. Donny fucks Juaquin from behind hard on the bed while they watch the action in a full-length mirror. Donny fucks Juaquin on his back and then Juaquin takes over and bounces on Donny’s pole until the sweat pours off of them both. Donny pumps Juaquin’s spot until he’s blowing a load all over the two of them. But nothing compares to Donny’s milky explosion! We’ve never seen so much cum! Time for another dip in the pool?

Segment 2- Shooting Porn, Juaquin Ramirez’ first time.

Scene 2- Brandon Lewis fucks Dylan Roberts – Our golden boy, Brandon watches adorable Dylan lay naked from across a shimmering pool. It’s just too inviting! He decides to ‘dive into the deep end’ and swims over to him. He offers his big cock, which Dylan devours with excitement. Young Dylan has been waiting for this moment! Brandon eats Dylan bubble butt; greedy Dylan begs for more while he plays with his uncut cock. As the sun rises to a high point, the two find a shelter. But it’s their powerful chemistry that really cooks! Sweat pours off their bodies as Dylan rides on his top, bouncing with glee. Brandon takes over and gets Dylan on his back pounding away poolside! He drives home with his eight and half thick inches until both young men blow loads. The scene ends in a passionate kiss.

Segment 3- Brandon’s not so secret admirer.

Scene 3 - Slade fucks Donny Wright – Night falls and the sky is awash with golden fire, brilliant orange and purples to deep blues. Donny and Slade kiss passionately in the pool. Both men are well hung and like to suck a big cock. Slade’s cock is a prize piece- juicy and thick with a huge round head. Donny’s cock is tall and uncut. They suck slowly, savoring every moment in the garden. When the sun has gone down, they bring it to the bedroom.  Both lovers are passionate. They roll around the crisp sheets sucking and rimming Donny’s ass. Donny’s ass is perfect and lightly covered in black hair. It’s so inviting you can almost taste it on your lips. That’s when Slade thrusts his super thick cock deep into Donny. He takes him from behind then on his back so he can watch Donny blow another huge liquid load! Both men paint the room in pearly white cum.

Segment 4 - Breaking the rules, is everyone hooking up?

Scene 4 – Brandon Lewis fucks Exclusive Logan Scott – Hard Friction Exclusive model Logan Scott is muscular and lean with handsome dark features. He is immediately on his knees for Brandon, sucking down every inch as he moans with pleasure. Brandon is a fan of eating ass. Logan’s is hairy, muscular and too tempting not to taste. He rims Logan getting his tight hole wet and lubed up for a wild ride. Brandon is a masterful top who knows what he’s doing. He plows Logan on his back before turning him doggy style against a chair. In the end, Logan takes a seat and strokes himself up into a geyser-like explosive load. Cum flies into the air! Brandon dumps his juice all over Logan’s bristly beard. He’s just so beautiful covered in sweat and a spray of white cum.