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June 15, 2011

Studio: Raging Stallion Studios

Director: Bruno Bond Steve Cruz

Country: No Regional Coding

Videographer: Steve Cruz & Bruno Bond

Editor: Steve Cruz & Bruno Bond

Duration (mins): 109

Discs: 1

DVD Region: No Regional Coding Playable Worldwide

Aspect Ratio: 16:9

Language: No Language Coding


*Harley Shadow,*
Rating: 2 Shirts: Definitely Distracting. Leather, muscle and sweat are three of the highlights of this all-sex leather film. Yeah, big dicks and hungry holes are also in the spotlight. Two reasons... more

Raging Stallion has porn down pat. And theyíre pros when it comes to muscled leathermen. With all that, and a good dose of healthy passionate sexual energy thrown in, DOMINUS shines in every... more

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Directed by Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond

Dominus goes out to all the fans of classic jeans and leather-clad, hot and gritty man sex. Muscled, hairy and tattooed men slam their big cocks in hungry holes. Giant biceps stretch leather armbands and jockstraps, while jockstraps and ass-less chaps frame bubble butts as these studs pursue testosterone-fueled encounters in a dark sex club...the intensity is electric...the satisfaction complete.

Scene 1 Ė Adam Champ and Logan McCree
Hairy, muscle stud Adam Champ poses and flexes as the tattooed piece of man art, Logan McCree watches. Adamís leather arm bands strain and stretch as he flexes his giant biceps, inspiring Logan Ė clad only in leather chaps - to stroke his rock hard cock. Logan likes how Adamís jock is bulging, and he decides that he wants a taste of Adamís fat, uncut cock. After Adamís meat is exposed Logan sucks and swallows hungrily as the spit runs out of his mouth.† With obvious engorged excitement Adam is ready for Loganís ass and turns him around, pounding him doggie-style. Bending Logan over the frame of the dungeon bed, Adam secures his big motorcycle boots on the headboard to better pile drive Loganís exposed manhole. Logan hangs upside down moaning and writhing in pleasure with each drilling stroke. Logan ends the encounter on his back as Adam pounds out both their big loads all over Loganís inked chest and stomach.

Scene 2 Ė Remy Delaine and Morgan Black
Remy Delaine and Morgan Black are kissing passionately as their cocks are begging to be released from the confines of their faded, denim jeans. Morgan is quickly down on his knees sucking and swallowing Remyís huge uncut cock. His rugged beard rubs against Remyís thighs and big balls as he gulps it down. Remy soon takes his turn on Morganís big meat until it swells to hardness. Flipping Morgan around, spreading his muscled ass and exposing his hairy hole, Remy tongues and fingers Morganís hot hole until it is lubed and ready for a thick, curved surprise. He pounds Morgan doggie-style then the two studs flip-flop and Remy receives a pounding from Morganís massive shaft leading to †both studs blowing their creamy loads.

Scene 3 Ė Jason Adonis and Race Cooper†
Jason Adonis is naked except for his harness and size 13 black boots. He flexes his muscles and jerks his big cock while muscle-bound, Race Cooper watches from a distance. Race strokes his big meat and plays with his hole through his black leather chaps watching Jason attend to himself until the sexual tension brings them together with Race diving in for a taste Jasonís massive pole.† Race is on his knees in front of the muscle god worshiping his massive meat, spitting, licking and cramming the big rod down his throat. Jason leans back on the rough, wood table and spread his legs wide to expose his hairy hole to hungry Race who greedily licks and tongues this hot muscle ass. Next, Race is kneeling on the table so Jason can suck his rigid dick until Jasonís excitement takes over triggering him to roughly flip Race over and rim his hole, readying him for action.† Race moans and yells in ecstasy as Jason slides his cock in, instantly ramming and thrusting with full force. This is a rough throw-down fuck session between two horny men transitioning from doggie to reverse cowboy to Race ending up on his back as both studs blow giant, hot loads on Raceís muscled abs.

Scene 4 Ė Josh West and Angelo Marconi††
Angelo Marconi canít take his eyes off of Josh Westís thick, hard cock hanging out of the ripped crotch of his jeans. Moving in quickly, Angelo is immediately on his knees swallowing Joshís huge man meat. He sucks and gulps with pleasure as the drool runs down his chin. The truest of bottoms, Angelo turns around, puts one of his big black boots on the leather sofa and spreads his cheeks wide, exposing his pink hole. Josh seizes the moment and claims Angeloís ass, owning it with his tongue and mouth. Fingering himself in preparation for the huge tool, Angelo begs Joshís thick cock to enter him.† Angelo groans in pleasure as Josh crams his inches into the hungry hole. Josh pounds his eager bottom relentlessly into the corner of the sofa as Angelo asks for more.† Being the fucking machine that he is, Josh plows ass until Angelo blows a thick, explosive load all over his muscled stomach. Josh pulls out, walks over and sprays Angeloís handsome face with a milky load.


Raging Stallion Studios

Adam Champ
Angelo Marconi
Jason Adonis
Josh West
Logan McCree
Morgan Black
Race Cooper
Remy Delaine
Directed by Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond
Videography by Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond
Photography by Kent Taylor
Running Time: 109 Minutes