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Hard Studying Twinks
October 20, 2011


Director: Gio Caruso Johnny Robins

Country: No Regional Coding

Videographer: Johnny Robins

Discs: 1

DVD Region: No Regional Coding Playable Worldwide

Aspect Ratio: 16:9

Language: No Language Coding


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Hard Studying Twinks
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Hard Studying Twinks
Directed by Gio Caruso and Johnny Robins

Lean and lanky, smooth and pale, these twinks are babes barely out of the woods trying to maneuver through the green grove of academia. But try as they may, the knowledge they seek doesn't lie in their school books but delectably between their legs and buried deep inside their assholes.

Scene 1: Aaron Felix and Damon Audigier
Aaron Felix can't help but notice Damon Audigier struggling with his studies so he checks to see if he can help. Damon can use the extra tutoring but confesses he hasn't got the cash to pay for the lessons. Luckily both guys know what they can barter to get what they want, so in due time, Damon is swallowing his buddy's big boner down and sucking it hard. Eager for his turn to suck some dick, Aaron opens wide and nurses on Damon's uncut cock, feeling it swell to fullness inside his mouth. He then plays with his schoolmate's butt, licking and nibbling the round cheeks and moistening the puckered asshole with spit. Having prepped the tight crack sufficiently, Aaron plunges his cock in and out. The two jocks continue to fuck every which way until both of them finally explode, showering each other with shots of warm cum.

Scene 2: Cole and Tye
It's a fucking drag sitting in Study Hall and Cole finds himself daydreaming of a better way to pass the time. The bored scholar's imagination runs wild just thinking about his studly roommate Tye who inspires his fevered fantasies! Their magical hookup would start with Cole showering Tye with gentle kisses and pecks, nuzzling his neck and working his lips and tongue down his chest and tracking south along his treasure trail across his stomach. Cole would then reach inside Tye's briefs, fish out his big cock and begin sucking on it greedily. As pleasurable as it is for both men, Tye gets so charged up that he can't wait for his chance to feed. The big guy gives as good as he got, sucking Cole off and then fucking his hungry hole with deep thrusts until both of them shoot their loads. Yeah, crackin' ass beats crackin' the books!

Scene 3: Seth Knight and Travis West
Fuck Study Hall! Seth Knight's so horny he's got only one thing on his mind and it involves his cute friend Travis West who's busy hitting the books. Seth imagines what hooking up with his red-headed buddy would be like and the fantasy soon becomes reality as the two of them are back in their dorm room. Seth strips Travis down and begins sucking his cock, slurping the engorged baton in and out of his mouth with gusto. Then Travis pays Seth back by fellating his cock and eating out his sweet asshole. Graduating to the next level, Travis screws Seth from behind and both of them grow more and more excited as they move onto the bed to continue their fuckfest. Seth rides Travis' pole, then lays back to get plugged some more until one after the other, they both cream all over Seth's belly.

Scene 4: Kent Riley and Troy
Bored and restless in Study Hall, Kent Riley and Troy take a needed break. Instead of hitting the books, the two frisky students hit on each other. After quickly stripping down, they take turns hungrily sucking each other's meatpoles. Soon Kent has his long thick cock sliding in and out of Troy's ass for a vigorous and sigh-inducing pounding. Both guys are drowning in waves of ever-increasing pleasure when Brett Landon shows up unexpectedly. The intruder becomes a welcomed guest and he joins the study group making Troy the middle of a 3-jock manwich. The horny brunet jacks himself off while getting plugged at both ends and after he cums, he takes off. Left on their own, Kent and Brett continue their tryst sucking face, sucking cock and finishing up with the interloper getting fucked up the ass until they both bust their nuts.