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Suck My Cock! Vol 2
May 25, 2012

Studio: Raging Stallion Studios

Director: Bruno Bond Steve Cruz Tony Dimarco

Country: No Regional Coding

Discs: 1

DVD Region: No Regional Coding Playable Worldwide

Aspect Ratio: 16:9

Language: No Language Coding


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Suck My Cock! Vol 2
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Suck My Cock #2
Directed by:
Steve Cruz,Tony Dimarco, & Bruno Bond

Suck My Cock! is “All Oral All the Time!” Eight new oral scenes feature the hottest dick-sucking stars pleasing each other with their phenomenal cocksucking skills. Eight, full-length oral scenes give you load after load of satisfaction and arguably the best oral sex ever caught on film. From throating to rimming and 69ing to extreme mouth fucking, Suck My Cock! #2 provides every fan of sucking, licking and slurping with scene after scene of spectacular studs giving and receiving head finished off with a pair of outstanding cum shots.

Scene 1: D.O. & Marc Dylan
Hot, ripped stud Marc Dylan has his lips wrapped around the massive cock of superstar D.O. Marc is absolutely worshipping D.O.'s stunning member with his mouth. With a cock like D.O.'s, who wouldn't want to savor it in every way? Swallowing it to the base and taking it like a champion, Marc strokes his hot joystick. These two lean and sculpted, exquisite specimens are fully engaged as Marc gets on all fours so D.O. can fuck Marc's mouth, as streams of saliva pour out of Marc's mouth. D.O.'s fiery passion and his equally handsome partner moves him to repay the oral favor and go down quickly on Marc. Taking Marc deep in his throat, D.O . quickly gets Marc so excited that he shoots a load onto D.O.'s washboard abs. D.O. strokes and sprays his cum on Marc's shoulder and chest!

Scene 2: Lucas Young & Spencer Fox
Spencer Fox and Lucas Young are two huge-cocked, and hard-bodied studs making out. After they clang their big "swords" together for a moment, Spencer quickly gets down on his knees to service Lucas's meat. Swallowing and gulping down every inch, Spencer strokes his dick as Lucas feeds him his. Shoving his balls in Spencer's mouth, Lucas pulls them out and then pushes his uncut cock deep down Spencer's throat. Lucas grabs onto Spencer's head and pulls hard pushing every inch down his throat. Lucas sits back on a chair to work on Spencer's whopper, stroking away at his cock as he takes all of Spencer's manhood in his mouth and throat. Tugging on Spencer's balls as he swallows his cock, Lucas urges Spencer to put a leg up on the back of the chair so he can fuck his mouth. Spencer's exposed hole is inviting, but Lucas goes to town on his cock and lets Spencer fuck his mouth hard. After pounding deep into Lucas's throat, Spencer gets so worked up that he jerks off and sprays a load into Lucas's mouth and Lucas squeezes out a load onto his stomach.

Scene 3: D.O. & Jay Kohl
Jay Kohl, a handsome, dark-haired stud, is surfing the internet in his swim trunks when the exquisite D.O. walks in wearing only a towel, showing off his picture-perfect torso. The muscled and ripped D.O. invites Jay over with a subtle grab to his cock beneath the towel, and Jay responds to immediately, getting up to help D.O. with what's under the towel. Removing the towel reveals D.O.'s stunning cock hard and ready to be sucked, which Jay immediately tends to. It only takes a moment for Jay to get on his knees and swallow the stiff piece, and D.O. packs his meat into Jay's mouth, fucking it as Jay takes every hard thick inch. Jay satisfies the hot Latino as he lies back in a chair and serves as a hungry hole that D.O. uses at his will. Turned on with every jab of D.O.'s cock down his throat, Jay yanks his crank, jerking off as he accepts D.O.'s humongous meat until D.O. shoots a load onto Jay's face and chest, inspiring Jay to shoot a load as well!

Scene 4: Brian Brody & Troy Collins
Hot, muscled blond Brian Brody and dark haired stud Troy Collins kiss passionately -- both naked with raging hard ons. Brian is way into the kissing, but he wants to wrap his lips on Troy's stiff, veiny, uncut cock. Taking huge gulps of man meat, Brian swallows Troy's member to the base, licks his balls and tongues his foreskin. Troy is thoroughly enjoying Brian's cocksucking talents and wants to show off his skills on Brian's tool. Laying back, Brian presents his thick, hefty piece to Troy who gladly slurps it down, gagging himself in the process. Troy takes his time wetting Brian's cock and every inch of his ball sack, until Brian unloads a stream of jizz on his chest. After milking a load out of Brian, Tony gets on his knees to shoot his wad into Brian's mouth.

Scene 5: Lee Paine & Jesse Jordan
Milky-skinned Jesse Jordan and tall, ripped and hung Lee Paine are in the middle of heavy, naked make out session, when Jesse decides to up the ante. He goes down on Lee's hefty downward -curved cock. On all fours and showing off his sexy ass, Jesse takes all that Lee has to give, throating the hot tool. Turnabout is fair play, and Jesse lies back to get orally service by Lee. Jesse is packing too, and Lee gets right down to business sucking and jerking on Jesse's thick and stiff staff. Engaging in a little ass teasing while he works on Jesse's swollen member, Lee's really pushing all the right buttons in between Jesse's wide-spread legs. Jesse starts jerking himself off while Lee massages his hole. It's not long before he shoots streams of cum so powerful that some lands on his face. Lee quickly follows showering Jesse with multiple surges of spooge.

Scene 6: Micah Brandt & Valentin Petrov
Micah Brandt, the gorgeous black stud with a stunning body and huge, thick cock, is sharing an intense make out session with ripped and handsome mega-hung Valentin Petrov. Valentin wants to wrap his lips around Micah's pre-cumming stick, he goes down and works Micah's tool down to the base, taking a moment here and there to lick on Micah's full ball sack. Covering Micah's dick with saliva, Valentin is on a mission to milk this piece. In a role reversal, Micah is down on his knees gulping down the enormity of Valentin from foreskin to balls. The thick uncut cock fills Micah's entire mouth as he expertly takes it down, only stopping for a few moments to lick on Valentin's foreskin. Slobber is flying and streaming down his chin as Micah take ever inch until Valentin shoots a load onto Micah's face and into his mouth. This sends Micah into the stratosphere and he shoots multiple wads of cum onto the floor.

Scene 7: Ridge Michaels & Trace Kendall
Lean and ripped Ridge Michaels is enjoying a heavy make-out session with Trace Kendall. These young studs are really into each other and that's very evident by the huge bulge that's developed in Ridge's pajamas. He pulls it out and starts stroking it. An equally stiff and large prick makes it out of Trace's pajamas, and Ridge gets down on it immediately. Taking the huge, hard cock in his mouth, Ridge swallows Trace's cock eagerly as Trace lays back to enjoy. Trace's defined six pack flexes with every grunt and groan he exhales as Ridge works his willy. Ridge lays down so Trace can fuck his mouth while in push up stance. They switch it up by falling into a 69 frenzy, giving us a spectacular view of Trace's cocksucking prowess as he fully takes Ridge's meat down his throat. It doesn't take long before Ridge blows a wad hitting Trace in the face, and Trace unleashes a huge thick load with every spurt oozing out onto Ridge's face, which Trace cleans up with his mouth before they finish with a kiss.

Scene 8: Spencer Fox & Chris Tyler
Ripped, handsome Spencer Fox and the beefy, bullish Chris Tyler make out briefly next to the kitchen before they cook up serious meals. They knead each other's dough until its firm and ready for tasting. Spencer is the first to sample the hefty goods that have risen in Chris's jeans. Quickly getting on his knees to consume his buddy's tasty cock, Spencer engulfs Chris's meat with adept skill and opens wide to let his throat get pounded. Chris gets worked up and he wants some huge cock too. He pulls Spencer up makes out passionately and then places him on the counter to get a good angle on the humongous meat that Spencer is serving up. Chris has skills too. He's right on it and working Spencer's enormous pole with animal passion, swallowing every inch and ferociously lapping at it and excitedly taking a mouth fucking. Lying back to experience the full pleasure of Chris's skills, Spencer's pole stands at attention while Chris milks it and jerks off Spencer until he shoots a hot load onto his stomach, Chris follows suit by jacking a creamy load out of his dick.