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July 20, 2012

Studio: Monster Bang Video

Director: Tony Dimarco

Country: No Regional Coding

Videographer: Tony Dimarco

Editor: Tony Dimarco

Duration (mins): 98

DVD Region: No Regional Coding Playable Worldwide

Aspect Ratio: 16:9

Language: No Language Coding


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Revved Up!
Directed by Tony Dimarco

Revved Up! is an overheated thrill ride with a cast of sweaty studs who get their motorcycles and their sex-drives racing at full throttle. They have the huge-cocked, high-impact sex a Monster Bang feature always delivers. Exclusive stars Jesse Santana, Derek Parker and Angelo Marconi take on Spencer Reed, Kyle King, Mitch Vaughn, Fabio Stallone, Race Cooper and Ty Roderick in four scenes of nonstop sex. These huge-dicked, bad-ass fuckers are gripped with a rough lust that demands to be released. Director Tony Dimarco keeps the hot action accelerating in this all-out, spit drenched excursion into stud-sex, and the thrillís so great for these Revved Up! men that they just keep shifting into a higher gear. Hop on for this wild ride that will have you getting off again and again!

Scene 1: Spencer Reed & Kyle King.
Spencer Reed straddles his motorcycle, jacking off, in a secret place surrounded by rough wood slats and corrugated siding. He thinks heís alone, but thereís another tribute to manhood, Kyle King, watching from a distance. The siding reflects the light - as shiny and unyielding as the spit covered cocks of the two bearded men eying each other. Kyle knows heís going to give it up to this rough-looking, meaty man with the almost frighteningly hard cock. Spencer pushes Kyleís head onto his cock with such rude strength that lips bash into groin again and again. The ramming tool rattles deep in Kyleís throat. He pulls off only to slaver more spit on Spencerís massive pole. Kyle wants it real slick when Spencer shoves it brutally up his ass. Kyleís never been so ferocious in his demand to be fucked, and Spencer takes every advantage. Spencerís broad highway of a cock stretches Kyleís ass as wide as a tunnel through a mountain--and youíll be amazed to see it staying open when Reed pulls out. Only to plunge deep and hard back inside, jabbing and grinding until the guyís engines are so overheated their hot cum sprays across their bodies.

Scene 2: Mitch Vaughn & Angelo Marconi.
The ferocious cock whore Angelo Marconi is at it again, showing off his deepthroating skills and he spraying a spider web of spittle over Mitch Vaughnís glossy cock so he can force more and more of the stiff bright tool down his throat. Mitch sucks Angeloís uncut, cock-ringed meat down his throat, buries his face in the power bottomís warm ass crack and worms his tongue into the hairless, tasty hole. Heís got Angelo heated up and anticipating a rabid fuck. Mitch knows his willing partner is ready for a slamming. Mitch delivers his cock into Angeloís buttered and now battered cavern. He grinds deep, hitting on all cylinders while Angelo gives his own cock a mean jacking before cumming hard. Mitch spews his man-load over Marconiís torso and past his head, then rubs the thick juice into Marconiís chest as he leans forward to kiss the saturated, and now satiated dude.

Scene 3: Fabio Stallone & Race Cooper.
This pair of striking bearded men gets to it right out of the gate. Race Cooperís facial hair is cropped close, and Fabio Stallionís is fuller and midnight black. Race with his full wet lips worships the fore-skinned, gargantuan cock of Fabio. Race drops gobs of spit on Fabioís shiny stick and slurps it up repeatedly, until the roles reverse with Race smashing his sweat-glistened hips sharply forward into Fabioís face. Race lays back and shudders as Fabio runs his tongue round the rim of his tight pucker. Ready for punishment, Race bends over and Fabio demonizes his fuckhole with an assault of increasingly intense, speedy thrusts. Wanting Fabio even deeper inside him, Race flips over onto his back, and pulls one knee clear up to his ear, opening his dark hole ever wider to Stalloneís relentless power-fuck that finally has the two studs blasting their bull gravy together.

Scene 4: Derek Parker, Jesse Santana and Ty Roderick.
Evermore muscular Jesse Santanaís exceptional cock has been released from his jock strapís pouch, and handsome, lean Ty Roderick devours the long, thick bone. Jesse wraps his fist around his balls and thrusts the nut sack into Tyís mouth for a good tonguing before getting back to giving Ty a raunchy face-fuck. Jesseís returning the favor, when tattooed, pierced-nipple and bearded tough guy Derek Parker arrives. The sweaty action shifts into an ever higher gear as Derek and Jesse double up on Tyís hot, veiny cock. Jesse takes a time out on Tyís cock to savor Derekís hot hole. But Jesseís ass needs action bad, and he lies back to let the Tyís stiff pole in where itís tight and warm. Jesse takes Tyís pile driving like a champ while sucking on Derekís tool, but Derek wants to switch spots with Jesse to feel the high TPMís (thrusts per minutes) that Tyís delivering. Ty and Jesse are a revved up tag team, and Derek is soon at the receiving end of Jesseís backdoor mastery as well. The double-barreled action makes Derekís cum fly, and suddenly Jesse and Ty glaze his chest with their cum. All three of their tongues meet in a final swirl with their tanks on empty.