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August 10, 2012

Studio: Raging Stallion Studios

Director: Bruno Bond

Country: No Regional Coding

Videographer: Bruno Bond

Editor: Bruno Bond

Duration (mins): 98

Discs: 1

DVD Region: No Regional Coding Playable Worldwide

Aspect Ratio: 16:9

Language: No Language Coding


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Directed by Bruno Bond

Raging Stallionís Explosive blazes with brute sexuality thatís bold and rugged. Itís an all-sex scorcher with action that flares up into eruptions of hot cum. Four of the hottest power bottoms youíve ever seen ignite three master tops who trigger everything they want from their guys. The set is a leathermanís vision of a soundstage, where director Bruno Bond lights the fuse by putting his stunning men up front and center, and letting combustion do the rest. Explosive stars four sensational Raging Stallion Exclusives. Adam Champ gives you the hirsute masculinity you want to worship in two dynamite scenes. Derek Parker shoots his hot looks at you with a ďPOW!Ē of muscle and inked physique. Alexander Garrett plunges his massive detonator and hits the spot. Stud bottom Angelo Marconi brings new meaning to fire in the hole offering it up like never before. Theyíre joined by sex hound Jessie Colter, stallion Fabio Stallone, and the mass of voracious young muscle, Marc Dylan. Explosive is a meat mauling, ass blasting blowout thatíll get you off like fireworks.

Scene 1 Ė Marc Dylan & Adam Champ
Hirsute muscle god Adam Champ and seething young demi-god Marc Dylan are rocking it in a tight embrace, pulling each otherís clothes off to reveal Adamís hairy and harnessed chest, and Marcís smooth, marble muscle. Marc dives into sucking Adamís fat, lip-stretching cock, savoring his foreskin as the iron hard stud mauls the youthís nipples. Adam spits multiple gobs of saliva onto Marcís pristine hole, readying it for the sudden assault of his wicked tool. Marcís simultaneously anguished and pleasured moans mount with each scorching ass-plug, until both men grab their cocks and choke out their sizzling, explosive loads. Thereís man-cum for all.

Scene 2 Ė Alexander Garrett & Jessie Colter
Alexander Garrettís looking raunchy in flannel shirt and cowboy hat, and Jessie Colterís menacing in his motorcycle gear. But the clothes donít last long and Jessieís soon giving Alexanderís hefty cock the kind of crazed suction that doesnít leave much skin behind. Itís no secret that handsome Jessie isnít just a thrill fuck, but is also the loudest, most vocal moaner around. And heís not holding back the sex-screams when Alexander launches a full-bore ass ramming on him. He reams Jessieís juicy fuck hole with his pistoning prick punches and gut-wrangling grinds in a punishment thatís as mean as the sex demon look on his face. Jessie howls as his spunk erupts, and Alexander pumps his bolstering load into the pools of white cream on Jessieís belly.

Scene 3 Ė Derek Parker & Adam Champ
The bold attitude and brawny masculinity of Raging Stallion Exclusive Derek Parker serve him well when he gives it up--and we mean, GIVES IT UP--to sturdy Adam Champ. Their lip lock is more like tongue fusion, and Derek doesnít care about breathing when Adamís tea-bagging him. Adamís tight, full balls are the best gag ever devised. But Derekís yelling for a fuck, and the sight from overhead of the burly dude taking everything his stud master throws into him is porn masterwork. Derek hisses repeated commands for Adam to fuck even harder, and the rump-ruining top churns his massive gut-stretcher with frenzied might. When the overheated pair canít take it anymore, they jack their giant cocks, and the steaming lava erupts.

Scene 4 Ė Angelo Marconi & Fabio Stallone
Angelo Marconi may be the bottom, but heís the power kind. Heís a real firebrand when he takes charge of macho hunk Fabio Stallone, stripping him to reveal the big manís broad pecs and robust, clean-shaven torso. He drops to his knees and devours Fabioís classic sausage--itís a weighty, truly fat hunk of Italian salami, its swollen head is just crawling out of the loose foreskin that Angelo sucks in. He gives the mighty man-meat a wet and sloppy deep-throating, bashing his face full-up against Adamís groin. You know where Angeloís going with this-- his deliciously smooth ass is yawning open in eager expectation of Fabioís lavish rimming. Angelo has to hold on for his life when Fabio slams that terrorizing chunk of meat in there again and again--just the type of rough housing Angelo revels in. It makes him blast a cherry bomb load on his stomach, with Fabioís blowout landing right on top.