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Suck My Cock! Vol 4
August 31, 2012

Studio: Raging Stallion Studios


Country: No Regional Coding

Duration (mins): 126

Discs: 1

DVD Region: No Regional Coding Playable Worldwide

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Suck My Cock! Vol 4
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Suck My Cock #4

Suck My Cock #4! is ďAll Oral All the Time!Ē Eight new oral scenes feature the hottest dick-sucking stars pleasing each other with their phenomenal cocksucking skills. Eight, full-length oral scenes give you load after load of satisfaction and arguably the best oral sex ever caught on film. From throating to rimming and 69ing to extreme mouth fucking, Suck My Cock! #4 provides every fan of sucking, licking and slurping with scene after scene of spectacular studs giving and receiving head finished off with a pair of outstanding cum shots. other with their phenomenal cocksucking skills.

Scene 1: Calvin Koons Sucks Evan Mercy
Calvin Coons and Evan Mercy were nude and making out hard and heavy, when they almost got caught by a party guest. They hid, but now the coast is clear, and these two athletic studs emerge from their hiding spots to pick back up where they left off before they were interrupted. Evanís the first one to make a move as he does down on Calvinís thick meat. An avid cocksucker, Evan really gets into it and works his hot mouth over Calvinís balls and dick, while he strokes his own. Calvin wants to take the action to the bed, and he wants to swallow Evanís long, stiff stick. Giving his mouth over, Calvin allows Evan to fuck his throat. They both love sucking cock so much that they position themselves for a spectacular and intense 69 session that culminates in them both unleashing their loads.

Scene 2:Tristan Phoenix Sucks Cole Streets
Cole Streets, the edgy stud with a shaved head, is engulfing Tristan Phoenixís stiff cock with his mouth. This dick would be difficult for anyone to resist, and this hefty and hard dick is attached to a fine body with a handsome face. Cole strokes his equally inviting meat as he downs Tristanís. Cole works Tristanís balls with as much enthusiasm as he milks his meat, choking on it as it hits the back of his throat. Tristan grabs on to the posts of the bed and offers his staff to Cole who is on all fours worshipping Tristanís offering as Tristan thrusts and fucks Coleís mouth. They reverse roles and Tristan is down on his knees taking every inch Cole has to offer deep in his mouth, then taking his huge balls as well. Cole holds on to Tristanís head and fucks away. Cole aggressively pounds away at Tristanís mouth it until he pulls out just in time to gush cum all over Tristanís face, which sends Tristan over the edge, when he spews a load.

Scene 3: Jimmy Fanz sucks Rylan Shaw
Bathed in sunlight, surrounded by palm trees, desert peaks, and the gentle murmur of a turquoise swimming pool, the handsome, stunning and sculpted Rylan Shaw is serving his huge cock to the strikingly good looking stud, Jimmy Fanz. Jimmy eagerly takes every inch that Rylan dishes out, gagging on the monster dick attached to this exquisite specimen, devoting himself to Rylanís pleasure. The meat fills Jimmyís mouth so full that he has to take a break and lick on Rylanís perfect balls while jerking on his piece. Jimmy is up to the challenge of this remarkably gigantic cock slurping it down and allowing Rylan to force it down his throat. Any fan of cocksucking is going to appreciate Rylanís huge tool and the way that Jimmy services it. This is non-stop oral action delivered by Jimmyís sweet mouth and heís determined to get a huge load of Rylan. Mission accomplished: a huge load sprays out of Rylanís perfect dick onto his chest, moving Jimmy to shoot out a thick, milky load as well.

Scene 4:Ty Roderick & Marc Dylan
Stunning and toned Ty Roderick with his hot cock and tattooed body is making out on the sofa with handsome stud Marc Dylan. The temperature rises as they passionately swap spit. The hotter it gets, the more that Marc wants to get his lips around sexy Tyís stiff, veiny cock. The looks on Tyís handsome mug tell the whole story: Marc knows what heís doing with a big dick in his mouth. Ty delivers some serious mouth fucking as Marc gags and drools, then itís Marcís turn to receive. He lies back on the sofa and lets Ty go to town polishing his woody. Ty blows Marc and licks his balls getting him worked into frenzy. You can tell Ty loves sucking cock, and Marc gets harder and harder as Ty takes his cock deeper and deeper down his throat. Marc wants to keep going, but Ty pushes him over the edge and he shoots his load. Marc eats his own cum and offers his mouth to Ty as a cum bullís eye, which turns Ty on so much he shoots a stream onto Marcís face and a healthy glob in his mouth, which Marc quickly swallows.

Scene 5: Adam Avery & Luke Milan
Outside on the pool deck, handsome, big dicked, slim stud Luke Milan is swapping spit with equally large and stunning Adam Avery. They stroke each other while they make out and then Luke moves his mouth to Adamís spectacular nipples, ripped abs and massive meat. Covering Adamís stiff, stunning woody with saliva, Luke works this tool like a pro, bobbing up and down on it with mouth stretched wide. Streams of spit slide down over Adamís low hangers as Luke continues to slide up and down his pole. Straining to take the huge muscle down his throat, Lukeís eyes water, but now itís his turn to get serviced. Adam is quick to give an equally spectacular blow job. With Luke standing, Adamís quickly on his knees throating Lukeís gargantuan tool, nearly gagging as he swallows it whole. Luke holds Adamís head and punishes his mouth until he spews a massive load of jizz that Adam catches in his mouth and licks off Lukeís cock. The taste of Lukeís cum pushes Adam to shoot multiple bursts of man juice from his huge dick.

Scene 6: Dylan Roberts Sucks Jed Athens
Handsome Jed Athens passionately licks up and down Dylan Roberts well-formed gymnastís chest and abs, getting him worked up. Jedís tongue works down until he removes Dylanís boxers. Dylanís hefty, uncut cock pops out and Jed wraps his lips around it immediately. Jed gulps on Dylanís meat and plays with his foreskin and balls, getting Dylan worked up considerably. Jed isnít only into Dylanís cock, he wants his ass too, and he turns Dylan around so he can deliver an award-winning rim job to his willing partner. Jedís long tongue digs deep and Dylan moans and groans appreciatively with each stroke as his tasty ass gets a workout. Jedís huge cock is fully erect now and Dylan goes down on it to return the favor, slurping feverishly and deep-throating the hung stud with the wide cock. The sucking has Dylan edging and he squeezes a hot load, and Jed answers by emptying the contents of his balls onto Dylanís chest.

Scene 7: Lucas Vitello Sucks Rylan Shaw
On the outdoor patio of a modern country home, the ultra-hung and hard-bodied Rylan Shaw and full-lipped and dark-skinned Lucas Vitello lustily make out. Rylanís super cock invites the mouth of Lucas who canít wait to fill his orifice with every thick, tasty inch. Rylanís light, otherworldly eyes roll back into his head as Lucas works his wonders, getting Rylan harder and harder with each passing of his lips across Rylanís testament of manhood. Lucas opens his throat and glugs down Rylan with stroke after stroke of oral pleasure. Lucas doesnít want to stop, but Rylan pulls him up to make out some more ó kissing passionately and then moving his mouth down Lucasí chest to his stiff staff. As the late afternoon sun shines on the patio, Rylan performs a perfect-ten dick sucking exercise on Lucasí rock-hard, uncut cock. Lucasí hard abs and stunning round ass flex with each moan Rylan inspires from him with his expert mouth, pushing him closer and closer to cumming. Lucas jerks a hot, thick load onto Rylan, and almost simultaneously Rylan sprays one from his massive cock.

Scene 8: Rich Kelly Sucks Dominic Pacifico
Dominic Pacifico and Rich Kelly could almost be equally handsome brothers with their dark complexions and five oíclock shadows. They both become increasingly aroused by their heated exchange of passionate kisses. Rich soon finds his way down Dominicís well-built chest to his thick hard cock and the oral pleasuring begins. Dominicís wide cock and generous balls must be as tasty as they look, because Rich canít get enough of them, tonguing and slurping up Dominicís meat as he grinds his hips. Taking his cue, Dominic lies on his side and relinquishes his mouth over to his handsome pal, and Rich fucks his mouth well. Dominic gets under Richís balls and licks away until the stud is edging, and then both jerk to fulfillment: Dominic shooting streams of cum onto Richís face and in his mouth and Rich laying a heavy load on his stomach.