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Save My Hole
November 16, 2012

Studio: Fisting Central

Director: Tony Buff

Country: No Regional Coding

Duration (mins): 63

Discs: 1

DVD Region: No Regional Coding Playable Worldwide

Aspect Ratio: 16:9

Language: No Language Coding


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Save My Hole
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Save My Hole
Directed by Tony Buff

Tony Buff serves up a more intimate trio of fisting encounters in Save My Hole, in which the depth of the connection only compliments the depth of the penetration. Race Cooper’s magnificent muscular symmetry is in full display in all its flawless dusky beauty as he plays dual roles of fisting top and fisting bottom in separate scenes. Smiling Leo Forte, a piece of the rock himself, is the smiling top whose skilled manipulation of Race's ass reduces him to a mass of quivering muscle on top of a butcher-block table. Champ and Big Mike are burly bruisers, reminiscent of bodybuilders of yore, so it's appropriate that they satisfy their needs in a gym. Big muscle. Big machines. Big passion. Race returns to put Boyhous's ass through the wringer, enacting a cadence of moves that brings Boyhous's rose to full bursting bloom. Boyhous says thanks by fashioning a living masturbation toy with his hands for Race to assault with gusto.

Scene 1: Race Cooper & Leo Forte
Race Cooper is laced up in a brilliant red rope harness that leaves him positioned like a patient on an examining table with stirrups. The only thing harder than his dark chocolate abs is his cock, which is being pumped by hunky Leo Forte, his face split by a wide grin. Leo's other hand is balled into a fist that's pushing its way through the sphincter muscles around Race's hole. Leo lubes both hands, slaps his palms together, and makes an eight-finger ass-ault. He succeeds in forcing Race's tight hole to relax enough for a fist to penetrate him, freeing up one of Leo's hands to stroke his own hard cock while maintaining a steady pumping rhythm. Leo's grizzled chin nuzzles Race's thigh, causing Race to moan and thrash on the butcher-block table top where he is splayed out, allowing Leo to tenderize his ass meat. They take turns slapping and stroking Race to a noisy and juicy orgasm while Leo continues to pound his own cock to eruption without letting up on the relentless punching into Race’s gut.

Scene 2: Champ & Big Mike
Big Mike is a linebacker of a stud with a pierced nipple, a barrel chest and a lock around his neck. He puts his hole on the line for Champ in the gym. Champ has already got Mike's hole primed and relaxed. Mike spreads his legs wide while Champ plugs him wrist-deep with a steady rotating pumping action, using his other hand to squeeze and massage Mike's balls. The lips of Mike's hole close around Champ's arm like they don't want to let go. Champ uses three fingers of each hand like a spreader, to coax Mike's rosebud to emerge, and when it does, Mike is rewarded with a slap on the ass and a glob of spit. Champ resumes a faster-paced punching, pausing only to reward Mike's pain and endurance with a sloppy kiss. Mike rolls over onto his knees then stands. Champ spits in his hole then plunges his tongue in, spanking Mike while they jack their dicks. The return of Champ's fist lifts Mike onto his toes and they finish up with a robust fuck and two cum blasts.

Scene 3: Boyhous & Race Cooper
Not every gym has a fisting bench, but this one does, and Boyhous assumes the position for Race Cooper. Race dunks his fist in a bucket of lube and begins to coax Boyhous's ass, eliciting a long, low growl. Boyhous's hairy buns, framed by a black-and-red jock strap, provide little resistance to Race's insistent fist. Race’s flawless chocolate torso is bent in a smooth arc and the muscles of his back and shoulders flex as he drives deep, penetrating arm lunges into Boyhous. Boyhous's entire body rises and falls as he reaches back, stretches his hole and protrudes his rosebud for Race until it blooms fully. Race alternates sliding four fingers of each hand into and out of the aroused hole in front of him, his palms together. When Boyhous pushes out his innards again, Race presses a finger into the hot center. Boyhous dismounts the fisting horse and Race sits on it, his hard cock horizontal, demanding attention. Boyhous sucks it, licks it, and laps at Race's balls, then he wraps both hands around it creating a hole to fuck and Race rams his cock in and out of this makeshift tube, his grunts building to screams as jets of jism pelt Boyhous's face.