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December 21, 2012


Director: Tony Buff

Country: No Country Code

Duration (mins): 167

Discs: 1

DVD Region: No Regional Coding

Aspect Ratio: 16:9

Language: No Language Coding


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Directed by Tony Buff

You are tied up and can't escape punishment unless you speak your Safeword. The pain and humiliation make the endorphins and adrenaline build up inside you. Will your dick be harder? Bigger? Your orgasm more intense? You entrust your safety to another man. Hot. Menacing. Half naked. But how far will he go, how much pain he will inflict, if you do not speak? Director Tony Buff is a master at combining kinky sex, discipline and pain. In Safeword, he offers a stunning gallery of doms charged with discovering the Safeword of their subs, through a series of torturous fetish exercises. Leo Forte is almost too sexy to resist, in his military fatigues. He forces Rogue Status into speaking his Safeword in two different scenes, using water as his secret weapon. Who could be more menacing than Ricky Sinz, a towering mass of muscle and ink with a foul mouth and a temper to match? Element Eclipse barely escapes Ricky with his gonads intact. Tristan Phoenix discovers the key to unlock furry stud Jimmy Fanzís Safeword and his hole is tickle torture. Salt meets pepper when Adam Herst tries to resist Race Cooper's riding crop while tied to a St. Andrew's cross. Race's sleek muscles, all smooth dark chocolate, prove Adam's undoing. Whatever the Safeword, you will be edging with every torturous erotic act until they finally gasp it and you shoot you load.

Scene 1: Leo Forte & Rogue Status

Rogue Status is Leo Forte's prisoner, and it's Leo's job to make him talk. Rogue is naked with his hands tied behind his back and a black hood over his head. The wide black belt cinching Leo's military fatigues sets off his hairy chest. And that grinning face tells you ó as if his "Fiend" tattoo didn't ó that Leo intends to enjoy every minute of pain and humiliation he is about to inflict. Rogue could stop it from happening just by uttering a single word: the Safeword. But he dares to have his limits tested. When getting his head held under water fails to loosen Rogue's tongue, Leo frees his fat cock and low-hanging balls from the confines of his pants and rams Rogue's face full-bore. Rogue chokes up gobs of syrupy spit, which Leo rubs all over his face and bald head. The face fucking continues until Rogue is able to smoothly swallow it all without gagging. By then Leo's cock is imposing its own demands, causing Leo to suspend the torture and give in to a gushing orgasm directed all over Rogue's face.

Scene 2: Ricky Sinz & Element Eclipse

Element Eclipse is blindfolded and handcuffed to a chair. He's wearing only a jock strap and his pierced nipples are red and swollen from being pinched and twisted. Ricky Sinz is the inquisitor and his verbal taunts are accompanied by slapping Element around and pulling out hairs on his chest. Element can bring the pain to a halt by speaking his Safeword, but resistance brings on more abuse, which gets his adrenaline and endorphins surging. Ricky ratchets up Element's punishment by squeezing his huge cock ó which responds by getting harder ó and yanking the ring in his taint. Element endures having his balls spanked with a rolled newspaper, getting hairs pulled out of his armpits and being swatted with a rubber hose, but he gives up his Safeword rather than have stungun used on his nuts. His reward is to be uncuffed. Ricky continues the verbal abuse but permits Element to jack off as long as he submits to a ruthless fucking of his face and ass. At the end, Element lies prostrate, biting Ricky's nipple as he's scalded by two loads of cream.

Scene 3: Jimmy Fanz & Tristan Phoenix

Jimmy Fanz lies nude on a leather table, his wrists, knees and ankles securely bound. He's lean, muscular and hairy, a carnal temptation to be bad. Bewildered at his predicament, he tests the ropes, causing his muscles to bulge and his cock to twitch. Tristan Phoenix, his captor, enters, twitching a riding crop. Demanding to know Jimmy's Safeword, Tristan cracks the whip on his flesh. Jimmy flinches and squirms but refuses to cooperate. When Tristan unintentionally brushes Jimmy's foot, he discovers Jimmy is ticklish and a new plan emerges to elicit the word he wants to hear. He tickles Jimmy's feet, his ribs, his armpits. Jimmy writhes and giggles, spitting out one false Safeword after another. They sweat and the suspense fills their heavy cocks. Tristan clasps Jimmy's upper body in his arms as he continues to tickle him, adding a few slaps. Jimmy caves. Tristan unties him, flips him onto his tummy, and fucks him. No foreplay or preliminaries: they're both ready for this. Jimmy spreads his legs, the table up-ending his sweet butt at the perfect angle for Tristan's cock to ram deep and hit Jimmy's sweet spot. Jimmy's cock begins spewing its juices onto the floor as Tristan lashes Jimmy's chest with his cum.

Scene 4: Race Cooper & Adam Herst

Pale, muscled Adam Herst is shackled to a St. Andrew's cross. Race Cooper is the interrogator, brandishing a leather crop and demanding to know Adam's Safeword. A bare bulb hangs from the ceiling, casting long shadows as Race leans in and gently kisses Adam. The old adage, try a little tenderness, fails and Race becomes more menacing, flicking the crop across the tips of Adam's hardened nipples and on the inside of his thighs. Adam cries out, but alternating kisses and slaps only prolong his stubborn refusal. Race's hand disappears behind Adam; whatever it's doing makes Adam lift up on his toes. Adam's biceps bulge as he pulls on the restraints. Race leans over and bites his pecs and licks his armpits, continuing to apply the whip until Adam gives up the word. Race releases him and begins to play with Adam's hole. He slaps it, spreads the cheeks, tests its tightness with a finger, licks it. Race sheds his clothes and fucks Adam. He drives his cock into Adam's hole, slamming while he strokes Adam's cock until they explode in a simultaneous crossfire of cum.

Scene 5: Leo Forte & Rogue Status

Rogue Status lies tied to a bench, naked and hard. A vat of water hangs over him, dripping drop after drop of water onto his head. Leo Forte was hoping the Chinese Water Torture would get Rogue to divulge his Safeword, but more extreme measures are called for. Leo uses wet towels to pour water over Rogue head and face. Rogue splutters, chokes and gasps but refuses to speak. Leo whips him with the corner of a wet towel, grinning and laughing, but Rogue's only reply is "Fuck you!" Leo wraps Rogues head in a wet towel and pours more water over him. On the verge of drowning from the waterboarding, Rogue screams out his Safeword.

Scene 6: Rogue Status
Untied and left alone after being bound and beaten into revealing his Safeword, Rogue Status regains his bearings by jacking off. Shards of light reflect off the ring in his left nipple and he holds the base of his cock in one hand while using the other to squeeze and stroke. Changing to a kneelong position, Rogue bends forward and inserts a finger in his ass. Then two fingers. Four. Then back to working his cock. A glance at the camera says "I earned this," then he re-focuses his concentration on the spreading ripples of pleasure emanating from his balls to his dickhead. His piss slit spreads and cum starts to gush forth. He puts his soles together and creams his feet.